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04 September 2007 @ 01:42 pm
The Operetta  
Hello all:)
So I was watching The Operetta, and I was dying to sing along, but I didn't know the words, lol! So I decided to write out the lyrics for all the songs that were in that final scene:) I was also going to record the audio to make tracks, but the software for that is broken, so when I fix it I will do just that.
So next time when you're watching the episode, grab these lyrics, and sing along! (Hopefully not as bad as Lucy!)

"The Pleasant Peasant Girls"
"The Good Squire Quinn"
"Lily of the Valley"
"Queen of the Gypsies"
"Queen's Prediction"
"The Troops of the King"
"Good Prince Lancelot"
"Trouble Back Stage"

Lucy Ricardo as The Gypsy Queen
Ricky Ricardo
as Prince Lancelot
Ethel Mertz
as Lily
Fred Mertz
as Squire Quinn

The Pleasant Peasant Girls
piano playing
Ladies: We're the pleasant peasant girls
Happy pleasant peasant girls
We're so happy we could fly
With an H-A-P-P-Y
We're the pleasant peasant girls
Happy pleasant peasant girls
With a happy mom and a happy pappy
We're so happy that we're almost snappy
We're the pleasant peasant girls!

The Good Squire Quinn
Quinn: I'm the good Squire Quinn
And I wanna shout!
About my Inn
On the river out!
Ladies: You can easily see the shape Squire Quinn is in
But wait till you see the shape his inn is in
Quinn: The rooms are lovely and full of space
There's running water in every place
Ladies: Yes, there's lots of water if you can stay
Long enough for a rainy day
Quinn: Every room has a beautiful view
Of sailing boats on the river blue
Ladies: You can watch the boats when the wind blows
But the quire didn't put in windows!
Quinn: Lots of ale and stout are on my shelf
And i take a drop or two myself
Ladies: A drop, he says, the squire's got the gout
The stout makes him ail
And the ale makes him stout!
Quinn: So ends my story
and I think that this'll
Be a good time to wet my whistle
All: That's all there is and it leaves no doubt
That the Squire's in his inn
and his inn on the Out.

Lily of the Valley

Lily: I am Lily
of the valley
Of the quiet, peaceful valley over there
And I'm lonely, oh so lonely
And nobody in the valley seems to care
When other girls go walking
On their arms they have a swell beau
But whenever I go walking
on my arm is just my elbow
And I'm looking, always looking
For my dream man and I guess I always will
I know a girl's supposed to wait
For a prince to come and get her
The only prince I ever met
Is a neighbour's Irish setter
So if by any chance you see
A prince who has a plan for me
Tell him not to dilly-dally
Not to dilly-dally
Come back to Lily of the Valley.

Queen of the Gypsies
Gypsy Queen: Ahhh--ahhh--ahhh--ohhhh (trying to find the note)
Gypsy Queen and Ladies: I am the Queen of the Gypsies
I ride a long in my Gypsy caravan
In the finest Gypsy band in the land
There are no kings in the Gypsies.
Gyp-gyp-gyp-gyp-gyp-gypsies. (Gyp-gyp-gyp-gypsies)
You know what they mean when they shake their tambourine
And I'm their Gypsy Queen!

Queen's Prediction
Gypsy Queen: Ahhh--ahhh--ahhh--ohhhh (trying to find the note)
I took the ...
Ladies: WING of an owl
Gypsy Queen: and the eye of a yak
Ladies: The eye of a yak
The lost brown tooth of an alley cat
All:I put it in a pot, and what do you think I got!!!!
Ladies: What do you think I got! What do you think I got! What do you think I got! What do you think I got!
Gypsy Queen(spoken): All right, all right, all right, all right already!
I think I'll tell my prediction...
(continue with script)

The Troops of the King
All: Oh we are the troops of the King, yes we are!
And we only think of one thing, yes we do!
We like to drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink, drink drink!
We like to drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink, drink drink!
We like to drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink, drink drink!
We like to drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink, drink drink!

Good Prince Lancelot
Prince: I am the good prince Lancelot
I love to sing and dance a lot
I  have an eye
For a pretty face
I love the girls
But it's no disgrace
There was Mercedes, Rosaline, Betty and Sue
Dorothy, Janice, and sweet Mary Lou.
Audrey, Bebe, and Anastelle
But that's all over with now
All I want is you, Lily
To  you I'll be true, Lily
Come with me, and we'll ride away
Over the hills to my hideaway
Listen to my plea, Lily
I'm a man that needs, Lily
Please say you will darling
Dont' say you won't
Say you'll marry me!

Trouble Back Stage
Lady: Queen! I'd like a word with you!
Gypsy Queen: Uh, go away, this is not your cue!
Lady: I know. But there's trouble backstage!
Gypsy Queen: What seems to be the trouble?
Lady: There are some men backstage who are taking away the costumes and the scenery
Gypsy Queen: Well I gave them a check.
Lady: It bounced! It bounced! It bounced! It bou-bou-bou-bou-bounced!
Gypsy Queen(spoken): It came back?
Lady: It was postdated.
Gypsy Queen: I knoowww that.
Lady: Well, what do we do??!
Gypsy Queen: Tell them to wait a minute.
Lady: But they won't do it!
Gypsy Queen: Well take a stab at it!
Prince(spoken): Uhh uhh uhh, on with the wedding!

Enjoy everyone!
Till next time<3
- Your mods
Felicity: james dean; why you so angry?sweet_ruritania on September 16th, 2007 05:13 pm (UTC)
ooo! I love this!!! Thank you for posting! The last has always been a favorite of mine!!! :D